We are one of the top mobile App marketing agency in Bangalore


India has been witnessing a rise in apps and the number of apps downloaded; mobile users downloaded more than 6 billion apps in 2016. Mobile apps today have enhanced to cater to the organization's needs. App development has attained a lot of drive in recent years. It has raised the focus on the development and associated technologies of the mobile apps industry in India, due to this trend more engineers are considering app development as a profession.


Di-App Trends is the best mobile app marketing company in Bangalore and offers you a solution to businesses for their mobile app development. We are pioneers in the industry in the space of mobile applications development and understand the business of getting users to download apps in the Play store.  


We have helped a wide range of companies from Startups to Enterprises in the development of mobile apps. In the process, we have gained a high degree of knowledge, skill and competency in delivering effective, user-centric and robust engagement technology solutions to our clients.


We are one of the affordable mobile app marketing agency in Bangalore and we endeavour to relish our client with the best user-centric mobile apps. We also have a committed Game Development team with masters committed to rendering the best solutions in gaming and 3D model designs promoting your apps to be the most downloaded in the mobile app space.


Our iOS, Android, Web Development services compel excellent ideas is modified into remarkable and phenomenal apps for the Android devices and iPhones launching on the App Stores. Each mobile platform has a unique set of technologies and delivery models, so determining the right platform is vital for producing decisive business goals.


At Di-App Trends, we make sure that our iOS app development services are delivered in the best possible quality. We use best in class technologies to create custom made apps which will delight organizations, startup founders and users. We benchmark the best solutions accessible in the market.


We have a dedicated team with android certified developers who operate on the latest frameworks and android assisted technologies to produce elegantly designed mobile apps that make their users like the functionality of app right away.

Mobile App Marketing:

Mobile app marketing is all about communicating with your users through their complete lifecycle from when they first discover about your app, so when they become a loyal and regular user. To do this efficiently, you must figure out who will use your app, where to find the people, what to convey them, and what they need from you.

App Store Optimization:

We help you to get your App ranked at the top for your target keywords on the Play Store and Apple Store. We also enhance App visibility and multiply the download numbers in your App.

App Install Campaigns:

We have acquired vast experience with App Install Campaigns over the years. From managing Universal App Campaigns to running the Ads directly on the Play Store and Apple Store. We have done it successively many times over the period for Apps across categories like gaming, entertainment, business, telecom, finance, travel and more.